Image & Text Stacks
Image & Text Stacks
Stacks Image 56259
BUNDLE: Get all Image & Text Stacks and save 50%. Lifetime free updates*.

BONUS: Spinner (Action Stack)
— works as a button too.

All Image & Text Stacks will work nicely in a responsive environment. Each stack deals with images in different ways.
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DropOnImage Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Image Stack: DropOnImage is a responsive stack that allows you to position another stack on top a background image with a nice overlay and great positioning control.

When your responsive website is viewed on a small screen – the DropOnImage Stack simply expands the image if the content ‘grows’.

Option to go full browser height & width.

Keywords: Stack, image layer, responsive, overlay pattern.
RapidImageMix Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Image Stack: Layer up to 4 images. Advanced CSS styling options. Use for headers, stylish frames, even buttons.

Fix images within the RapidImageMix Stack to create a simple parallax scroll effect.

• Option to turn on animation on hover = turn the RapidImageMix Stack into an animated banner!

• Create interactive buttons.

Keywords: Stack, responsive, layer images, header, banner, hover animated buttons.
ImagePile Gallery Stack
Image Gallery Stack for RapidWeaver Stacks
Action Stack: The ImagePile Stack works as both a gallery for for images but also as an awesome navigation stack.

When you hover images all other images will step aside nicely… putting focus on the image you hover.

Option to turn on a lightbox on click.

Keywords: Stack, Image Gallery, Navigation
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ImageLayer Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Image Stack: Layer images with a cool overlay pattern (the popular black dots, white dots, canvas, lines, chess & more).

Place text left, right, top, bottom within the ImageLayer Stack.

When viewed on smaller screens the text get’s pushed below the image.

Keywords: Stack, responsive, overlay pattern.
ImageLayout Pro Stack
RapidWaver Stack
Image Stack: The ImageLayout Pro Stack allows you to combine up to 10 images.

No need to pull out your Photoshop Gun to combine images.

It has a responsive 'sidebar' that moves below stacks main content when breakpoint is reached.

Keywords: Stack, responsive, layer images.
BigPicture Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks by DeFliGra
Image Stack: The Big Picture Stack helps you to define how an image looks (size, crop) on a computer screen vs tablets & smartphones.

Viewing an image from a large computer screen vs a small smartphone screen… the image often get’s too small to be enjoyed. Important image objects might almost be invisible. The solution… an option to scale & crop your image with css & breakpoints so the most important part of the image is visible on smaller screens.

Keywords: Stack, image, picture, responsive, header, banner.
BackGroundFiddler Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Image Stack: Replace themes background image. Change background image on the fly! Drag, drop, enjoy. Add cool overlay patterns (dots, canvas, pattern), opacity.

You can even add two BackGroundFiddler Stacks to layer background images.

The BackGroundFiddler Stack is used on this page.

Keywords: Stack, responsive, background, overlay pattern.
PrettyWell Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Image Stack: A great and speedy way to organize content in groups with a nice background color or image. Inspired by the BootStrap well.

Works great with a responsive themes.

Take a look at the simplified free version too: PreStyle Well.

Keywords: Stack, rroup content, background image.
BlackLight Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Text Stack: Add a creative pulsating neon light to your standard or google font headlines.

Combine text shadows to create a very unique eye catching headline.

The Stack comes with a few prettiness Google Fonts – but you can add the code if you want to use another Google Font.

Keywords: Stack, advanced shadows, neon light, google fonts.
Respond Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Text Stack: Responsive layout stack. Target up to 8 different screen sizes from a SmartPhone to a 27" iMac. Responsive images. Add custom CSS.

Need extreme control over the text output on different screen sizes? This is the tool.

Two-stack solution. 1 measures in px – the other in percentage.

Keywords: Text control, responsive.
Menu & Button Stacks
Menu & Button Stacks
Stacks Image 13322
BUNDLE: Get all Button & Menu Stacks and save over 50%. Lifetime free updates*.

Also part of the bundle: Image Pile Gallery Navigation Stack (See Action Stacks below).

BONUS: Spinner (Action Stack)
— works as a button too.

Bonus 2: BigPicture Stack
(Responsive Image Stack)

 Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe? 

Buttons & Menus are like a guides for your website…
Click Stack
Ghost Button Stack for RapidWeaver 6 icon@58
Button Stack: Simple & Stylish Ghost Buttons with lots of styling options.

Change the look of all buttons on your RapidWeaver page by styling only one button.

Or how about styling all buttons in your entire RapidWeaver project?

Just copy paste the code provided by the Servant Stack to RapidWeaves global CSS.

BONUS: TextPal Stack (also on the diskimage > demo on the Click Stack page).


Keywords: Stack, buttons, menu, links, ghost button
OneLevel Menu Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Menu Stack: Responsive One Level Menu. Made for FreeStack, Foundation & themes that allows you to turn the themes menu off.

OnePage Smooth Scroll.

See Smooth Example here.

Or you can use it as a second menu (works with most themes).

Use either RapidWeavers internal toolbar system or create a menu with your own links.

Keywords: Stack, menu, responsive.
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Imator Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks - Imator Stack
Button Stack: A stylish animated image button stack – inviting your visitors to click your links. No more boring buttons… you can use it as a single button or button grid.

Simply wrap the stack around a group of images… make the images a link – and you got your easy styleable button link grid.

Need a good grid stack – take a look at The Grid stack.

Keywords: Stack, buttons, menu, links
DropDown2Go Menu Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks for the Stacks Plugin by DeFliGra
Menu Stack: The DropDown2Go Menu Stack is a DropDown Menu stack you can put anywhere on your page to provide helpful links for your visitors – as a replacement for links or buttons.

Or you can place it as your top menu – floating on top of all other page content. Use your own links or RW Toolbar Links. Supports Font Awesome.
Keywords: Stack, menu, button, responsive.
ConCept Menu Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Menu Stack: Horizontal menu with an option to turn it into a vertical menu and even a button. Google fonts. Active page option.

Advanced CSS styling options. Easy to create a cool apple like menu. Responsive.

Keywords: Stack, menu, apple menu, responsive.
ButtonAlien Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
Button Stack: 3 button alien stacks working a little different. Add icons, images & backgrounds. Advanced CSS3 styling options. + smooth transitions.

ButtonAlien Strip is simple & supports font awesome (take a look at the 4 icons at the top right of the webpage).

*** Button Package w/ 3 stacks ***

Keywords: Stack, buttons.
A-Menu Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Menu Stack: Vertical menu for the FreeStack theme and themes with an option to turn the themes menu off. Advanced CSS styling options.

The A-Menu is used as menusystem on this website.

*** Works well with
the SidePanelCSS Stack ***

Keywords: Stack, vertical menu for freestack & foundation.

Sandwich Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Button Stack: Create Google Font buttons with a retro look. Great for eye caching headlines, cool buttons and even good looking dividers.

The Sandwich Button Stack is a multitool stack.

Keywords: Stack, buttons, dividers, retro.
JumpSpot Stack
RapidWeaver + Stacks Plugin = PowerFul WebDesign Stacks RapidWeaver
Helper Stack for Button & Menu Stacks: The JumpSpot Stack + AdjustableTarget Stack (on the diskimage too) will turn on Smooth Scroll for all links on your RapidWeaver WebPage & make your page jump to the AdjustableTarget Stack.

You can use this stack with any of the Button & Menu Stacks to create a Smooth Scroll to a div on the same page.

Smooth Scroll is already build into the OneLevel Menu Stack + the DropDown2Go Stack (turn on/off).

Note: The JumpSpot Stack is incompatible with the SidePanelCSS Stack.

Keywords: Smooth Scroll, Jump to, Links.
Layout Stacks
Layout Stacks
Stacks Image 56275
BUNDLE: Get all Layout Stacks and save 50%. Lifetime free updates*.

BONUS: LoadEffects Stack.

What are Layout Stacks? Stacks that helps you add special layout parts to your RapidWeaver site: Tables, floating elements, layered content & more.
Layer Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Layout Stack: Layer all kind of different stacks. Text, logo, image, buttons, movies on top of a… text, logo, image, buttons or movies.

The Layer Stack uses advanced positioning but has a lot of ‘tools’ to help you.

Keywords: Stack, layer stacks.
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Center Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks = Creative WebDesign
Layout & Image Stack: The Center Stack will align your images, text & other stacks in the middle of the screen according to viewport (browser window of the ice used to browse your website).

The Stack is created with Landing Pages in mind — works with Safari, Google Chrome, Explorer version 9/9+

As an extra nice little touch you can turn on image fade-in + overlay pattern for your background image.

Keywords: Stack, responsive, align vertical, align horizontal.
ZebraTables Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Layout Stack: Tables with advanced styling options. Best looking tables around!

Responsive features: Hide less important cells on smartphones or turn on table scroll.

Keywords: Stack, zebra tables, responsive.
RapidWeaver Stacks to make your Every Day Rapid Life Easier
Layout Stack: The Responder is a responsive switch stack, that will show different content for different screen sizes: Typical that is a computer screen, a tablet & a smartphone.

The Responder Stack is created with ease & speed in mind. That’s why there’s an option to show the content for the 3 screen sizes side by side or top to bottom… show it the way you like. Save space on your MacBook…

There’s custom css areas for all screen sizes + css help at the button of the Stack ControlPanel.

Keywords: Stack, content switcher, responsive.
GoogleMap Expander Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Layout Stack: Expands your GoogleMap to a full width background and allows you to position stacks on top of the GoogleMap. Option to fade down the GoogleMap (opacity). Smooth EyeCandy transitions when BreakPoint is reached.

All you have to do is copy-paste the Google Embedded Code from the GoogleMap website.

Keywords: Stack, GoogleMap, Background.
NiceFrame Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Layout Stacks: The NiceFrame is the pro-version of the iFrameViewPort Stack.

Advanced iFrame — use it to pull a Blog page into a Stacks page… making it look great too.

Take a look at the combo-deal: NiceFrame + SideCar = $7.5.

Keywords: Stack, iFrame, Blog-import, responsive, webkit scrollbars.
Listig Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
Layout Stacks: The Listig Stacks works as kind of a theme for themes making it easy to style an entire page through only 1 stack.

The Listig Stacks counts 20 stacks that'll make it faster and easier to create and maintain a PageLayout.

Probably the best stack for creating Menu Cards and similar! Menu Card user stack is included making it ultra fast to create and maintain a MenuCard.

Keywords: Stack, lists, menu cards, price lists, page layout, responsive.
BackPacker Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Layout Stack: Reclaim your workspace! Compact the stacks you don't work with, add notes, store stacks you don't want published.

SCALE AN ENTIRE PAGE in Edit – gives you a great overview of your entire RapidWeaver page – when you need to copy-paste things around your RapidWeaver site.

Option to BackPack all your BackPacker Stacks on your page with just one click.

Keywords: Stack, notes, PageScale, Group Stacks, collapse stacks.
FixMe Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Layout Stack: Create floating stacks: Floating button bars, floating header bars, floating buttons, floating almost anything.

Add borders and soft shadows. Responsiveness: Hide the float on small screens.

Release fixed position on mobile devices (or when breakpoint is reached).

Keywords: Stack, float, sticky.
PriceLess Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Layout Stack: Create great looking price lists in a table like style, but much much much faster to create and update than an ordinary table!

Even though it has a striped background for each ‘cell’ you only need to copy-paste clients list into two cells. The PriceLess Stack will take care of the rest.

Keywords: Stack, price list, fast, responsive.
BottomStick Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Layout Stack: Responsive Stack that allows you to 'stick' a stack to the bottom of the BottomStack and make things look nice and organized in a grid like the Hagrid or Sireco Grid Stacks.

On smartphones the stack will release the fixed bottom stack.

Works great with grid stacks – like the Sireco Stacks, HaGrid Stack or some of the other developers grid stacks.

Keywords: Stack, content organizer (for grids), responsive.
Grid Stacks
Grid Stacks
Stacks Image 56267
BUNDLE: Get all Grid Stacks and save over 50%. Lifetime free updates*.

BONUS: BottomStick Stack

The HaGrid Stack, Sireco Stacks & Boxing Stacks are fully responsive and provides not just 1-2-3-4 columns but up to 12, 10 and 99.
The Grid Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Grid Stack: The Grid Stack

Responsive Grid – made to be fast and simple… as it can be!

Option to turn the entire Grid Stack into one GIANT RESPONSIVE NAVIGATION GRID.

Keywords: Grid, columns, images, gallery, image grid.
IntroPrice (ending soon)
$5: Save $2.5
CartLoom will do the math
on CheckOut
LancScapeScroll Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Grid Stack: LandScapeScroll Stack

Create an Apple like horizontal landscape scroll layout – like the AppStore with this combo two-stack solution – which also includes the CellMate Stack (a special grid stack).

The CellMate Stack works nicely with other stacks too – take a look at the category pages.

Keywords: Stack, grid, landscape scroll (app store scroll).
Sireco Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
Grid Stacks: Simple Responsive Columns.

Add up to 10 columns to your RapidWeaver Stacks page with just one stack.

Main feature: Super simple responsive grid stack + a special 2-column stack for even more functionality. This is a lightning fast grid tool. One of the easiest Grid Stacks around!

Drag drop use.

Keywords: Stack, grid, columns, easy, responsive.
Boxing Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
This is a PageLayout Tool with 8 stacks making it easy to create and maintain a boxed layout.

Main feature: You can control all settings from the ‘master stack’ – which makes it a vey fast PageLayout Tool.

Put on your gloves and get ready to rumble!

Keywords: Stack, grid, columns, boxed layout, galleries, store, responsive.
HaGrid Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Grid Stack: Flexible and responsive grid system.

Add up to 12 columns to your RapidWeaver Stacks page with just one stack.

Main feature: Make columns span!Auto image sizing features.

Keywords: Stack, grid, columns, span, responsive.
SideCar Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Grid Stacks: Advanced two-column stack

The best & most advanced responsive two-column around.

Main feature: One column defined as fixed, one as fluid – option to ‘swap’ the layout from left to right.

Option to split Content Column into x number of text or image columns (CSS Columns)

Take a look at the combo-deal: NiceFrame + SideCar.

Keywords: Stack, 2-column, columns, text columns, image columns, fixed-fluid width.
Flex2 Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
Layout Stacks: Responsive. Two column stack — one has a fixed width, the other a fluid width.

Turn scroll on/off.
Turn header on/off.

Great with a combination of other Grid Stacks or as a ‘stand-alone’ grid stack.

Keywords: Stack, grid, columns, responsive.
Flex3 Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Layout Stacks: A unique responsive 3 column Stack. The Flex3 Stack allows you to enter a % for the width of each column and position the middle column either left, right or center. This means you can ‘group’ two columns and make the last column work and look like a sidebar.

The third column – the last column – when user defined breakpoint is reached will flow in between column 1 and 2. It will not, like other column Stacks, end up as the last column!

Keywords: Stack, grid, columns, responsive.
FlexColumn Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Grid Stack: A 1-column stack with lots of advanced background image settings. Rounded corners, borders, soft shadow and more.

Comes free with the FlexGrid Stacks.

Stack, columns, cover background, overlay patterns.
FlexGrid Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
Grid Stack: 1-10 columns. Define columns in px, not %.

For mobile devices you can turn on scroll. Advanced background image settings. Advanced & feature rich stack.

The FlexGrid Strip (free with the FlexGrid Stack) is a stripped down version - it’s faster & simpler.

Keywords: Stack, grid, columns, advanced. Responsive feature: horizontal scroll.
Action Stacks
Action Stacks
Stacks Image 56283
BUNDLE: Get all Action Stacks and save over 50%. Lifetime free updates*.

BONUS: RapidImageMix Stack + JumpSpot Stack (smooth scroll).

Also part of the bundle: Image Pile Gallery Navigation Stack (See Action Stacks below).

Action Stacks are all kinds of Stacks that performs some kind of action on your RapidWesaver Stacks page.

Toggle content or add some kind of effect to objects and pages. Stacks that kicks a little life into your website.
Spinner Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Action & Button Stack: The Spinner Stack will take your images for a spin and at the same time make your nice images round.

Option to turn it into a button.

Keywords: Stack, animation, rotate.
SidePanel CSS Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Action Stack: The SidePanelCSS is quite a unique SidePanel – made without javascript or jquery and it allows you to toggle a SidePanes on/off.

Option to add background image with overlay patterns. Supports Font Awesome.

You can add as many SidePanel CSS stacks on your page as you wish!

The MenuSidebar at the top of the screen is created with the SidePanel CSS Stack.

Keywords: Stack, SidePanel, responsive
Panimation Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Action Stack: Pan over an image animation. Create your own panimations. Stop. Repeat. Infinite. Delay & more. Responsive features to control how it behaves on small screens.

Turn your panimations into buttons!

Keywords: Stack, animation, panning.
ToggleTastic Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Action Stack: The toggle effect you see on top this page is created with the ToggleTastic Stack.

Lots of advanced toggle-options and cool css-effects. Supports Font Awesome.

The purple google at the top of the screen is created with the ToggleTastic Stack.

Keywords: Stack, toggle content, font awesome, responsive.
Jumper Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Action Stack: A fun little stack you can add anywhere on your screen to draw attention to a certain area of your webpage.

 Might as well jump. Jump!
Might as well jump.
Go ahead, jump. Jump!
Go ahead, jump. 

Keywords: Stack, animation, jump.
Load Effects Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
Action Stack: Load your Stacks page with 3 jQuery effects: SlideDown, FadeIn, SlideIn, SlideFadeIn. Adjust speed and delay.

Use the Load Effect Stack to choose which Stacks on your page to load first.

Keywords: Keywords: Stack, toggle content, font awesome, responsive.Stack, jQuery effects, slide, fade.
Flying Badge Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Action Stack: Need to wake your website visitors? The FlyingBadge Stack makes it easy to add flying badges around the screen: Vertical, horizontal or everywhere.

20 premade badges. Options to use your own images.

Keywords: Stack, animation, flying.
ToggleRabbit Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
Action Stack: A different kind of toggle stack. It fires every time a click is made on your Stacks page. Use it to draw attention to news or special info.

Works great on tablets & smartphones.

Keywords: Stack, toggle, show-hide content, responsive.
Free Stacks
Free Stacks
Stacks Image 56291
Free stacks to help you build your RapidWeaver Stacks page.

 And cause I was a gazillionaire, and I liked doin’ it so much, I cut that grass for free. 
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GoogleSearchWords Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Button Stack: Provide a SearchWord Button for your visitors with predefined search words – you choose. Add as many SearchWordButtons as you like & style them to match your website.
hiTuber Stack
Layout Stack: Responsive YouTube Videos – load YouTube Hits & Videos on your RapidWeaver site.

Works with Viemo Videos & Flickr SlideShows as well.
FontAweSome Enabler Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Icon Stack: The FontAwesome Enabler is a helper stack for other stacks that doesn’t support Font Awesome.

Wrap the FontAwesome Enabler around other stacks – lookup the FontAwesome Code… start using Font Awesome Icons on your RapidWeaver website.

This is an awesome stack!
CSS Columns Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks Top Rated WeaverApp
Text Stack: A pretty simple stack mainly developed for the SideCar Stack – but will work with all other stacks.

Uses the CSS3 column property to create easy text columns. Pure CSS – no scripts.

You can define number of columns, column width, gap, divider, breakpoint.

Works fine with images too.

A simple and useful stack.
AlignText Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Text Stack: Embarrassing simple stack! It does 1 thing and 10 things only! Allows you to align text either left, center or right.

Aligning text across a grid – some left, some center, some right… you’ve probably run into the same problems as I have – the annoying space below centered and right aligned text.

The AlignText Stack solves this problem. And makes it easy to create small tags. And…
TextAlign Stack
Responsive MaxWidth Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Layout Stack: Responsive Web Design is very much about the MaxWidth… what happens after BreakPoint is reached.

The Responsive MaxWidth Stack gives you 3 breakpoints with an option to add custom css.

Should be in every RapidWeaver Responsive ToolBox!

Keywords: Responsive web design, width, max-width, organize.
LineDeluxe Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Layout Stack: Deluxe Lines. Very customizable. Define thickness, color, shadow. Make it solid, dotted, dashed and more. Turn it into a spacer. Extremely useful.

Free stack for use with the RapidWeaver Stacks plugin by Yourhead.
PageScale Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Layout Stack: Scale your entire webpage.

And why would you wanna do that? Maybe you have created a webpage you need to import the page into a facebook iFrame.

Free stack for use with the RapidWeaver Stacks plugin by Yourhead.
FadeInCSS Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Action Stack: A simple and pure CSS FadeIn effect for your Stacks. Lightweight code – no jQuery.

Keywords: Face, transition.
3d LinkRotator Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Action Stack: Create a nice looking jQuery LinkRotator. Spins you links around with a nice effect.

 You spin me right round, baby
right round like a record, baby, right round round round… 
TextMarker Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Text & Typo Stack: A simple and fast styled Stack that does just one thing. It hilites multilined text like a text marker.

Great for headlines and highlights.

Keywords: Hilite text, marker.
ChatCenter Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Miscellaneous Stack: The ChatCenter stack allows you to add a chat function to your website.

The stack uses the free service. Sign up for a free account over at – great service.

A website is meant to establish a communication with your visitors… so why not really ‘talk’ to them?
iFrameViewPort Stack
RapidWeaver Stack
Layout Stack: This is a responsive iFrame stack that combines an iFrame with viewport height.

The iFrameViewPort will scale with the size of viewers browser window in modern browsers.

Take a look at the more advanced version at the top of the page: Layout Stacks.
PreStyle Well
RapidWeaver Stacks
Layout Stack: The Prestyle Well Stack is inspired by the Bootstrap Well. It’s a simple stack that organizes other stacks in a well.

The paid version (PrettyWell) has advanced image options.
ColorStore Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
Utility Stack: Store your website colors in your RapidWeaver project in the ColorStore Stack.

Build an arsenal of predefined color schemes you can move from project to project.

Lot's of inspiration from predefines color schemes: Vincent van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Leonardo da Vinchy, Superman 1950!

Height & Space Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks – Free Stacks
Utility Stack: Extremely simple stack dealing with fixed heights – ‘tender care for small heights’ makes it easier to work with small heights. Option to add custom css.
Stacks Image 19754
PaperWeight Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
Miscellaneous Stack: The PaperWeightCalc Stack will calculate the weight of a brochure.

Website user enters the height, width, paperweight for content and cover – and the Stack will calculate the weight per magazine & weight for x number of magazines.

Option to translate phrases to your own language.
Annoying Bug Stack
RapidWeaver Stacks
Action Stack: The Annoing Badge Stack is an action stack similar to the FlyingBadge Stack — but with fewer options (only predefined bugs) and a little more buggy flow… but lot’s of fun.

If you’ve ever had one or two of those annoying fruit flies behind the glass of your Computer Screen… you know what I’m talking about!
BrowserDetective Stacks
RapidWeaver Stack
Utility Stack: Detects what browser the user is using.