Random or
timed backgrounds
in RapidWeaver

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Random or imed backgrounds in RapidWeaver
How do you get random backgrounds or timed backgrounds on your RapidWaver page?

It's possible and involves a couple of Stacks.

First stack: The BackGround Fiddler
The BackGround Fiddler Stack is probably the easiest background stack to use — if you want a custom defined background for one of your RapidWeaver pages. Or all!

So… how to randomize or time your background images to appear at certain time and/or a centain day?

Luckily for us — there's a couple of razor sharp developers who have developed the Stacks we're gonna use for the purpose.
Gary from Doobox has two great stacks.

1. Doo Time
Doo Time allows you to drop a stack – you want to appear from 6-10 and another that will appear from 15 - 21.

2. Doo Spin
Doo Spin chooses content totally random between a user defined number of choices.

Tsooj Media has a Stack called… sit tight! Advanced Publisher Item Period.
And that's what it does… you choose date and/or time intevals when you want your Stacks to appear… or dissapear.
It's pretty cool. I use it on a restaurant website… every week the restaurant has a new weekoffer. These weekoffers are planed couple of month ahead.
In stead of having to open + change + respublish every week – the Publisher Stack simply shows and hides the content in the order you have arranged.
Easier for me — cheeper for my client. Everybody is happy.

The Advanced… Publisher Stacks Set also makes it easy to swap background at predefined dates.
Have you seen those websites — where background contains advertising? Advertising that changes…
They use a similar function.

That's all you need… + RapidWeaver + The Stacks Pluing… which you already got of course.
Random backgrounds on your RapidWeaver page — or timed backgrounds on your RapidWeaver page.
Cool – huh! I think so.

I've created an example on the TextMarker Stacks page (free stack) — with 4 random backgrounds. Reload to see the new background.
I've added a BackGround Fiddler Hessian filter to the images… it's a nice effect I think.
Adding an overlay image allows me to use lower resolution images for full cover backgrounds – it minimizes page load times.
The effect hcovers the 'noise' that always occur on lowrez images.

This is an example of the power of the Stacks Plugin… a combination of two stacks that create something new.
It's like palying with Lego!

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