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Tivoli Stack

A little Eye Candy for your RapidWeaver Stacks Page
RapidWeaver Stacks add-on info:
Animated background color and animated text color. You're the Tivoli Boss, you get to pick the colors. Use the Tivoli Stack to catch attention to text, images, videos. The disco example below (example 1) is – maybe – a little too disco! Or is it?

Combining more Tivoli Stacks you can add a strobe light effect. Wrap it around an image or video to create an animated frame (example 3).

Example 5: Turn off animation (settings) > add a background imaged > drop an image on top of the background image > set image opacity to 0.0 on hover (settings) and you got a nice looking image replacement rollover effect.

RapidWeaver, stacks, responsive, free stack, animation, animate, background color, text color.
Stacks settings:
Stacks Image 416779
Stacks Image 639544
Tivoli Stack
Stacks Image p639541_n5
The Tivoli Stack will cycle through 4 different background colors and 4 different text colors (text and headlines), with an option to define opacity on hover, you can create a unique and eye catching effect for your images and text.

Free RapidWeaver Stack.

Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

She sits alone
waiting for suggestions
He's so nervous avoiding
all the questions
His lips are dry,
her heart is gently pounding
Don't you just know exactly
what they're thinking
If you want my body
and you think I'm sexy
come on sugar
let me know.
If you really need me
just reach out and touch me
come on honey tell me so
Tell me so baby
Example 2 (Animated Image Frame)
Stacks Image 639653
Stacks Image 639651
Stacks Image 639649
Example 3 (Quiet & Stylish Color Animation)

Premier League 16.04.2017

Tottenham 4 - Bournemouth 0
Sunderland 2 - West Ham 2
Crystal Palace 2 - Leicester City 2
Watford 1 - Swansea 0
Everton 3 - Burnley 1
Stoke 3 - Hull City 1
Southampton 0 - Manchester City 3
West Bromwich 0 - Liverpool 1
Manchester United 2 - Chelsea 0
Middlesbrough 1 - Arsenal 2
Example 4 (Animated Image Colors)
Stacks Image 639617
Stacks Image 639615
Stacks Image 639633
Example 5 (Hover / reveal image + no color animation)
Stacks Image 639656
Stacks Image p189522_n559322

Hi. I'm DeFliGra. A long time developer of RapidWeaver Stacks Addons called Stacks. I've been an even longer time user of RapidWeaver and came on board when RapidWeaver 3 was released.

All RapidWeaver Stacks Addons requires the Mac OS desktop app: RapidWeaver by Realmac Software and the RapidWeaver plugin Stacks by Yourhead Software.

All Stacks are downloaded as Zip-files. To install unzip and double click the Stack.