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ReFlow Stack

Advanced Grid stack to speed up the layout phase
RapidWeaver Stacks add-on info:
The ReFlow Stack is one of the best selling Stacks on – but still use (a lot) because it was responsive even before the world went responsive. Responsive features has been added to take full advantage of the world we live in… and it's responsive.

ReFlow is an advanced grid with a lot of settings. You can use it out of the box but if you need to tweak something to your desire – you're covered.

Special features:
Create a fixed width below 320 px (probably aprox 260 - 280 px) and have it reflow on all devices.

RapidWeaver, stacks, responsive, grid, columns, layout
Stacks settings:
Stacks Image 324467
Stacks Image 324469
ReFlow Stack
rapidweaver stacks reflow
ReFlow Stack reflows responsive columns with a fixed with.

It's a tested Stack with a lot of features and settings and used on many RapidWeaver websites around the world.
Stacks Image 767454
Your character
Is fading out
The image I
Have made in you
All colors in
Your signature
That used to be
Now they're all blue...
Stacks Image 767456
But nothing I've got
Will make you feel better
At the break of dawn
you'll still be
nobody's man
Stacks Image 767458
At night you know that
I will find you
It's been the same way
for three years
I know every bar in this town
I'll just have to find
the right one
Stacks Image 767478
Gently my eyelids close,
I'd rather be good than clever
I'd rather have all facts wrong than no reply whatever..
I learned before I could speak
with those 'being patient eyes'.
Stacks Image 767490
I wish I had a little
house out in the country
Where we could go
and spend some time alone
And if you just once
would be there with me
I never meant to be
there on my own
Stacks Image 767502
Saturday I love you like gold
Not like the Monday,
you pass like a ghost
The fire killed you like
a motherless child
I saw you last Sunday
at Barbara Hotel...
oh oh oh oh oh- oh
babe I'm so sorry,
I've nowhere to...
Stacks Image 787494
There's a car crash
in my head
and one on the road
And nothing seems go
as I planned it to go.

So I'll just take it as it comes
cause it all just might be a joke.

Stacks Image p186672_n559322

Hi. I'm DeFliGra. A long time developer of RapidWeaver Stacks Addons called Stacks. I've been an even longer time user of RapidWeaver and came on board when RapidWeaver 3 was released.

All RapidWeaver Stacks Addons requires the Mac OS desktop app: RapidWeaver by Realmac Software and the RapidWeaver plugin Stacks by Yourhead Software.

All Stacks are downloaded as Zip-files. To install unzip and double click the Stack.