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RapidWeaver Stacks

Headline & Content Stacks

Take charge of headlines, text & images
RapidWeaver Stacks add-on info:

Headline T& Content Stacks
The Headline & Content Stack is create to make it fast and easy to create blocks of headlines & content (text stacks, image stacks and other Stacks. The things that is part of all websites.

The Headline & Content Stacks have their own user defined BreakPoints making it easy to define, how your headlines, text and images look on all screens.

Headline & Content Stacks are created to make it faster and easier to organise your headlines, text & images.

The Headline & Content Stacks uses the Master & Servant concept. Make changes to the Master Stack and push changes to all Servant Stacks. No need to make adjustments to all Stacks if your client changes his mind about font size or font colors!

The Headline & Content Stack doesn't do much more that you could achieve with default Stack (if you got the time), but it does it faster! and it does have a few nice extra tricks up the sleeves!

The Headline & Content Stacks gives you the control to overrule your themes default settings when you need to. The Headline & Content Servant Stacks aren't completely dump! The can still overrule their masters voice!

Special features:
Zoom images on hover. Turn links into buttons (in all Servant Stacks too). Add your own custom css.

Option to add an overlay color if you use a background image.

'One Stack to rule 'em all' – the Master Stack will define settings in all Servant Stacks but with an option for Servant Stacks to overrule some of the important settings like colors.

RapidWeaver, stacks, responsive, layout, image zoom, text, images.
Stacks settings:
Stacks Image 325652
Stacks Image 628291
Stacks Image 325650
Headline & Content
Stacks Image p628338_n10
Headline & Content Stack

All websites depends on headlines & content, text, images. The Headline & Content Stack is a 'theme stack' that gives you an option to layout your Stacks pages faster. Much faster.

Options: Control Headline Stacks, Text Stacks, Images, Buttons on the fly, Custom CSS, Overrule Settings.


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Source: Wikipedia


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Source: Wikipedia

A Smile a Day
keeps the Doctor away!

RealMac Software

In November 2002, Dan Counsell founded Realmac Software. The company released RapidWeaver, a template-based website editor, in 2004.

Source: Wikipedia

In 2009 Yourhead Software released a plugin for RapidWeaver named Stacks. It was a game changer for RapidWeaver users.

The Stacks plugin by Yourhead Software reached version 3 in 2016 bringing a much wanted feature like 'partials', customisable library, new sidebar interface, new responsive content.

Addons Site
Realmac Software acquired EventBox, a social media app, from its developers, The Cosmic Machine, in October 2009.

Realmac Software released Clear, a to-do list app, for iOS in January and Mac operating systems in November 2012.

The app reached spot two on the Apple Mac App Store behind Apple's Mountain Lion operating system. The app was also listed on FierceDeveloper's list of "Top Apps" in February 2012.

FierceDeveloper named Realmac Software a "2012 Rising Star of Mobile Development" that November.

Content & Headline Stacks

You've reached the end of the demo.

All websites depends on headlines, content and images.

The Headline & Content Stacks makes it faster to create content.

Much faster.
Stacks Image 628362
Drag the Headline & Content Master Stack to your RapidWeaver Stacks page, click the blue + button to create your first Headline & Content Servant Stack.

Don't style yet!
Now add content to your Headline & Content Servant Stack by clicking the plus signs.

All styling are done from the surrounding Master Stack, but with an option for the Servant Stacks to overrule the Master Stack – when you need to!

Add more Servant Stacks, or start style your Master & Servant Stacks.
Stacks Image p186216_n559322

Hi. I'm DeFliGra. A long time developer of RapidWeaver Stacks Addons called Stacks. I've been an even longer time user of RapidWeaver and came on board when RapidWeaver 3 was released.

All RapidWeaver Stacks Addons requires the Mac OS desktop app: RapidWeaver by Realmac Software and the RapidWeaver plugin Stacks by Yourhead Software.

All Stacks are downloaded as Zip-files. To install unzip and double click the Stack.